It’s Raining, It’s Pouring


When I look at our driveway, it’s clear that the neighborhood kids aren’t afraid to just draw. The only thing that wipes out their ideas is a little rain. But as soon as it clears, we have a driveway full of color again.

So what if a little rain wipes out an idea or two or five? We just need more where those came from. Let it rain!

Tulips. Two lips. Two lips are made for talkin’. These boots are made for walkin’. Tulips in the rain. Two lips in the rain. Two lips in the rain drinking puddles. Drinking puddles? Yuck! Duck! Duck in a puddle drinking his lake. For goodness sake!


Take a look at that photo up there again and compare it to your words. Your driveway is now full! It may seem a bit nonsensical, but the most satisfying brainstorms are unfiltered. And it all starts with one word. Soon new words blossom and create a garden. Weeds may creep in and replace words. But nothing is discarded. It’s not time to tend the garden yet. You will need to squelch your inner doubter and just write. In the middle of the muck, you may find a diamond. Or a duck.

But where does the first word come from? It might be a word that strikes you in a conversation, a TV show, or a book. It might strike you as funny or unique or rhythmic. Listen to your inner voice as it says, “That’s funny. That’s cool. That’s unique.” Write down at least the first word as soon as it hits you. You can always start the storm later.

And if your inner voice is too quiet to hear? Just take any word. Go ahead. Try it! Choose one word from this post that stands out to you and let it rain!


  1. Thank you, Carrie, for this fun post and for this FUN and interesting, educational, bonding, sharing, prompting, posting, pushing, practicing, reading, writing, reciting, mentoring, mimicking…( and I could go on and on) wonderful kind of month. It has been one of the best ever!!!

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  2. What a wonderful lesson. My driveway was filled yesterday with grandchildren and neighborhood children and chalk. You opened a huge window for me. I have enjoyed every single one of your post and have become excited about rewriting some of my not so good picture books. Thank you.

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