The Gift of Giving Books

book-1667826__180We all know a book that touched our life, that made us cry or laugh out loud. I know I’m preaching to the choir here. Those of us who check out this blog, people passionate about children’s literature, are very much aware of the power of books, and want to be a part of that process in some capacity. But do you put your money where your mouth is?money-where-mouth-is

The holidays are fast approaching. Do you give books for gifts? Tired of bringing wine to dinner parties? Stand out….bring an inscribed book. With the right inscription inside the book you can be remembered forever, whether to a friend, child, teacher, lover, or grandchild. They get a great book and a sweet message, making it more personal than a bottle of merlot.

There is a book for everyone in your life. Make sure it’s a book that fits their interests….not yours! Need help in choosing titles? Go to an independent bookstore. Knowledgeable workers can guide you to a matching book. And while you’re there, take advantage of your location and do some writerly homework. Check out new works recently published in the genre you write in.


Prefer to buy your books online? Do a search! “Gift books for new mother” or “good books for the sports lover”. Many of us know authors or illustrators. What a perfect time to support them! If you’re invited to a brunch and there are children, buy Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast, by Josh Funk.

Lady Pancake Featured Image

If there’s a child in your life and you want to discuss this crazy presidential election, purchase Paul Czajak’s, Monster Needs Your Vote.

And I hope people will think of my Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You, if there are young ones at the home where you’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this year. (Yes, shameless self-promotion is something that is a learned behavior after your first book comes out.)

Front Cover - Before I Sleep copy

Or perhaps you’ll be buying your creative friends a book? A writing buddy gave me BIG MAGIC: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s not only inspirational for any creative type, but it sits by my bedside and every time I pick it up it touches me that this friend bought this thoughtful gift for me. And it was a “just because” gift. How sweet is that?511b8-etqdl-_sx331_bo1204203200_

If you feel like you want to give more than one book, pair it with a gift certificate to a bookstore or something else completely. A bookish treat is always nice. Check out my Pinterest board, Gifts for Writers. I love the writing mug I bought myself. Sometimes you can’t wait for someone else to buy you what you’d like.

photo (10)
First Lines of Literature Mug

It would be great if you could share some of the best writing/illustrating gifts you’ve been given or have given to others in the comments section below. And happy holidays to all! May it be a creative season for all the readers and bloggers at Writers’ Rumpus.


  1. I always give books to my children’s teachers during the holidays. Better than another mug, candle or candy!
    Doesn’t hurt to include a gift card for coffee as well, just because!

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  2. Wonderful post! I already added it to my FaceBook page, along with an invitation to those in the Plainville, MA area to stop by An Unlikely Story bookstore on Dec. 3, 2016, 11 to 2, for a fantastic Holiday Book Fair hosted by many authors whose names readers will recognize, all members of The Writers’ Loft.

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