Debut Author/Illustrator Support Resources

By Sarah Lynne Reul

Just a couple of weeks ago, the announcement went out for my debut picture book, The Breaking News (Roaring Brook/Macmillan, Winter 2018).

My writing and illustration critique groups have been and continue to be incredibly helpful, so I was happy to learn recently of another kind of support group – Author/Illustrator Debut Groups!

These groups often have a public page that includes a brief introduction to each author and/or illustrator, as well as basic info on their upcoming books (title, description, release date, and covers when possible!). It seems that some groups have chosen to be a public platform for collective marketing and discussion, while others have chosen to remain as a private resource for authors and illustrators navigating their debut releases.  

debut banner.jpgHere’s a listing & brief description of the groups that I found:

  • On the Scene in 2016 
    • 2016 picture book debuts
    • Includes blog posts featuring debut books & authors/illustrators
  • The Sweet Sixteens 
    • 2016 MG & YA debuts
    • Detailed author profiles and
    • Two gorgeous book cover galleries that link to Goodreads reviews
    • “Author Locator” and release calendar features
  • Swanky Seventeens 
    • 2017 MG & YA debuts
    •  Features author profiles and book cover gallery with Goodreads links
  • Picture the Books 
    • 2017 picture book debuts (as mentioned in our recent post featuring Alison Goldberg!)
    • Includes profiles, book info, ongoing blog & a questionnaire for teachers, librarians & booksellers
  • EMU’s Debuts 
    • An ongoing blog for debut writers represented by the Erin Murphy Literary Agency; current & past members are featured
  • Electric Eighteens 
    • 2018 MG & YA debuts
    • Looks like the site just went up, so it doesn’t have a ton of info yet, but keep an eye out for updates!
  • Epic Eighteen
    • 2018 debut picture book authors & illustrators
    • Author profiles, book cover gallery and a fantastic blog by the book creators!

Do you know of other resources for debut authors & illustrators? If so, please share in the comments below!

Sarah Lynne Reul is an illustrator, writer and award-winning 2D animator who likes science, bright colors and figuring out how things work. Learn more at


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