30 Ready-Made Writing Resolutions

Attention procrastinators!

Do you still need to make some New Year’s resolutions about your writing or illustrating? If so, you’re in luck! Here is a list of 30 resolutions. Choose a few or let the list inspire you to come up with your own. Click the link(s) in each suggestion and you’ll go to a related blog post or website. And if you already have a resolution, check out these suggestions to help you keep your resolutions.

3 resolutions is a good limit

In 2018 I resolve to:

  1. schedule my time for writing or illustrating
  2. support another writer or illustrator
  3. attend a book launch (or 2 or 5 or…)
  4. host a blog tour (for bloggers)
  5. write a guest post (for bloggers and non-bloggers)
  6. buy a new book (or 2 or 3 or 10 or…)
  7. read books by writers whose backgrounds are different from my own
  8. review 1 book a month and post my reviews on Goodreads
  9. go to a conference, and while I’m there, meet another writer or illustrator
  10. go to an online conference, like The Manuscript Academy or The Picture Book Summit
  11. join an in-person critique group; join an online critique group, too
  12. improve my critiquing
  13. try co-writing
  14. try plotting (for pantsers) or try pantsing (for plotters)
  15. try a new genre
  16. push past my comfort zone, even if I’m already published
  17. learn about new publishers
  18. learn about new agents and editors
  19. query 10 agents/editors (or 20, or 30) and do my homework before querying
  20. query during a Twitter contest, like #PitMad or #PBPitch or #DVPit, and make my Twitter pitch the best it can be before querying
  21. learn to use a new writing tool
  22. identify my book’s audience
  23. revise a manuscript; REALLY revise it; be BRUTAL about revising it
  24. polish up my punctuation
  25. do an online challenge: brainstorm ideas with Storystorm, write picture books with 12X12 read mentor texts with ReFoReMo, write a novel with NaNoWriMo, complete a #100Days project, start the day with #5amWritersClub, or find another challenge to meet my needs
  26. make a marketing plan for my book, even if it isn’t published yet
  27. master a new-to-me social media platform, like Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram
  28. seek inspiration and motivation
  29. regularly read Publisher’s Lunch, Publisher’s Weekly, and/or Writers’ Digest
  30. join SCBWI and visit the SCBWI message boards regularly

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Do you have a great resource to help others keep their resolutions? Share in the comments!

With thanks to Laura Fineberg Cooper and Kirsti Call for inspiring this post.


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