Three Perfect Picture Books

“Each day Rosie would work on a new plan to help Rasmus and together…they would try…and try…and try new ways to fly.”

ROSIE and RASMUS by Serena Geddes combines expressive, whimsical illustrations with sparse text to create a beautiful book about the power of friendship.

A lonely little girl and a lonely dragon live parallel lives until they meet and friendship turns into magic. Rasmus (the dragon) gives Rosie (the girl) a flower at their very first interaction. They soon become fast friends and Rosie joins Rasmus in her quest to fly. None of Rosie’s ideas succeed, but over time, and with the help of Rosie, Rasmus grows wings and learns to fly. Rosie’s experience with Rasmus then helps her reach out to another little girl with a flower all her own.

This story evokes discussion of loneliness, friendship, perseverance and creativity.

“Thunder rumbles. 
Go full flank.
Race the squall.”

HARBOR BOUND by Catherine Bailey and Ellen Shi combines lyrical lovely rhyme with whimsical illustrations. The story follows boats on their journey home. This book is a bedtime book, an informational book (nautical terms are defined in the backmatter), and a great read-aloud. The sounds of the words mirror the sounds of the ocean beautifully.

“This is the grind of the gears
and the smell of the diesel and oil.
These are the shouts and the cheers. 
This is the sound of the toil.”

THIS IS THE CONSTRUCTION WORKER, by Laura Godwin and Julian Hector is a fun introduction to construction workers for young children. I love that the main character is a woman and that women are depicted as construction workers on every page. Super fun to kids who are vehicle obsessed or just want to know what a construction work is. 

What picture books have you read recently?


  1. These look wonderful! I had a little girl in the library looking for Truck Books yesterday and I wish I had read this sooner. Thanks, Kirsti!


  2. Let’s Have a Dog Party was my most recent read. Loved it very much and the author got the dog’s POV spot on. Heartwarming read too.


  3. Nice picture books! Most recently, I read Brown Bear, Goodnight Moon, and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. Oldies but goodies. Just before that, I read Her Fearless Run, a new release. We are all over the board here!

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