The Making of a Picture Book and the Convergence of Author and Illustrator Visions in A GOOD DEED CAN GROW by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman and Holly Hatam

I had the unique opportunity to interview author Jennifer Chambliss Bertman and illustrator Holly Hatam about their new picture book, A Good Deed Can Grow: a visually rich, engaging, and empowering picture book with separate stories in text and illustrations. It was such an honor to ask them about their process and journey together!

Kidlit Interview with Sarah Darer Littman

DANNA ZEIGER: With antisemitism continuing to rise nationally and globally, Sarah Darer Littman’s book SOME KIND OF HATE couldn’t be better-timed. Not only have recent inciting incidents sparked serious concern and heightened security in places of worship and schools, but they have cultivated genuine – and familiar – fear for Jewish people around the world.

Kidlit Interview with Amy Makechnie

As a homeschooling mama of three young kids, the opportunity to read for myself is precious! When I found myself devouring an entire book (Ten Thousand Tries) in a single day, I needed to hear more from the magician who had crafted this truly un-put-downable book with resonating characters. Slight spoiler alert: I definitely cried at the end.