H is for Haiku, by Sydell Rosenberg

H IS FOR HAIKU BOOK COVER PENNY CANDY BOOKS March 2018Today is International Haiku Poetry day!  In honor of that, I’m sharing a beautiful book, H is for Haiku; A Treasury of Haiku From A to Z by Sydell Rosenberg, illustrated by Sawsan Chalabi.

The book is a delightful exploration of the alphabet through Haiku. Each page explores a moment in time with lovely, lyrical and luscious language.

Colorful, playful illustrations complement the poetic text. The illustrations feature whimsical word art that enhances the reading experience. One of my favorite haiku’s in the book skillfully describes children walking in the rain:


“Holding umbrellas
Children, like rows of mushrooms,
Glisten in the rain.”

Reading this book inspired me and my children to write our own Haiku’s.  From my 7 year old, Sammy:

Sammyblows a bubble


Gumball machine pops! 

Fifteen balls make chipmunk cheeks. 

I blow a bubble.

©Sammy Call 2018


What is your favorite poetry book?

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From the Penny Candy Press Release:

In H Is For Haiku the late poet Rosenberg, a charter member of the Haiku Society of America and a New York City public school teacher, and illustrator Chalabi offer an A-Z compendium of haiku that brings out the fun and poetry in everyday moments.

H Is For Haiku introduces young readers to the short Japanese poetic form of haiku and includes helpful notes by the author’s daughter as well as by the author herself.


SYDELL ROSENBERG (1929-1996) lived, wrote and taught in New York City. Syd was a charter member of the Haiku Society of America in 1968 and served as HSA’s Secretary in 1975. Her short poems – notably haiku and senryu – as well as other poetry, were published in various magazines and anthologies. Syd received her M.A. in English as a Second Language from Hunter College in 1972. It was Syd’s dream to publish a book of haiku for children.




  1. Aunt Sydell was my inspiration for writing. When I was a child I would bring her my poems and short stories. As my critic and admirer, she challenged me to write what was real and true to the inner eye. Reading each haiku, I understand what she meant. Thank you, dear Cousin Amy, for bringing me nearer to her.


  2. Thank you to everyone! I received my copy of H is For Haiku! What an awesome book! Haiku has been calling to me over the last year or two, so I’m excited to read picture books including Haiku. THANKS!


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