Oliver: The Second-Largest Living Thing on Earth by Josh Crute & John Taesoo Kim

Toss the confetti! Blow the vuvuzelas! I need a little more cowbell! It’s time to celebrate Page Street Kids’ first picture book release- Oliver: The Second-Largest Living Thing on Earth by Josh Crute and John Taesoo Kim- with 5 Fabulous Things!

  1. Oliver: He might be the second-largest living thing on Earth but he’s first on this list of fabulous things. He’s so loveable and had me rooting for him right from the beginning.
  2. Illustrations: I never knew trees could be so adorable and have so much personality. Kim’s art is so emotive and all the shades of green create so much depth.
  3. Turning Point: I love books that I can’t figure out the ending before I get there. No spoilers here but Oliver solves his problem in the best way possible and the turning point will have you saying, “Awww.”
  4. Back matter: Move over “largest things on Earth”, the second-largest things get the feature in this book. From the second-largest U.S. National Park to the second-largest mountain, the additional information and accompanying illustrations are just the bonus readers didn’t even know they needed.
  5. Message: Subtle, sweet, and important. I love that Oliver learns the importance of being part of something larger.

Parents: A well-paced story with engaging illustrations and fascinating facts that will have kids asking, “What is the second-largest _________ on Earth?”

Teachers: An excellent story to start a dialogue about how being yourself is more important than being the best.

Writers: This story is an excellent mentor text for character arc, the rule of 3, and pacing.


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