Stay Organized with QueryTracker

For those of us in the query trenches.

QueryTracker is a way for authors to search for literary agents and publishers, and keep accurate records of your progress with each of them.

I like to stay organized. Initially, I had a beautiful spreadsheet made in Numbers. It included headings such as: Date, Agent, Response Time. All of my notes were meticulously tracked (okay, I did my best), but in addition to querying, I was doing all of the heavy lifting. I don’t know about you, but staying organized takes time and energy.

*Just a piece of my magnificent spreadsheet.

When I came across QueryTracker, I figured I had nothing to lose. I set up a standard account, and started searching for agents. There are filters that allow you to quickly narrow down genres that agents are looking for. The advanced search allows you to click off whether your novel is Fantasy or a Graphic Novel etc.

When the agents pop up, you can click on each one individually, and it provides submission info, their reply rate, and links to where you can find them on social media, Publishers Marketplace and anywhere else you might find information on an agent.

I was doing all of this research, searching through the haystack on my own. Using QueryTracker is like having a metal detector.

Once you find an agent that would be an appropriate submission, you add them to your query list. I set up different folders for each project (novel) I’m working on. Click to automatically log the date your query was sent, and click again later when you have a response. Easy.

For anyone who feels like the Standard searches and features are not quite enough, you can go Premium for $25 a year.

QueryTracker has been helpful for me. Please feel free to share with the Writers’ Rumpus anything that helps you stay organized!

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  1. Wow, Alison, thanks for sharing this tip. QueryTracker sounds like it not only helps with organization, but also facilitates the “who/how/which” questions. I’m still in manual tracking mode – Pages for me – and it’s not working that well. So I will definitely take your advice!


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