Falling for These Debuts

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.19.11 PMThe Many Colors of Harpreet Singh by Supriya Kelkar and Alea Marley

There is so much to love! Harpreet has a different colored patka for every emotion: yellow when he feels sunny, pink when he wants to celebrate, red when he needs courage. When he moves across the country to a very different town, Harpreet doesn’t feel very colorful. As he navigates a new school, he learns to embrace his new home and new friends, too, bringing color back into his life. I’m a huge fan of Alea Marley’s art here, too! The full page bleeds are gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.16.13 PMWhat Miss Mitchell Saw by Hayley Barrett and Diana Sudyka

I’m not sure a book has ever jumped off the shelf at me quite like this one did. The cover art is absolutely stunning but is only a taste of Diana Sudyka’s amazing work inside the book. Equally matched is Hayley Barrett’s text. I found myself lost in her words and Maria Mitchell’s story. This story is an absolute gem!


Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.18.44 PMArabella and the Magic Pencil by Stephanie Ward and Shaney Hyde

This charming story is one that any child, especially one with a new sibling, will connect with. Once an only child, now Arabella has a little brother to deal with. One day, she’s had enough of his noise and she makes him disappear. Yikes! But she soon she realizes that life is too quiet and too calm without him.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.18.05 PMMy Shape is Sam by Amanda Jackson and Lydia Nichols

Adorably sweet Sam has stolen my heart! Sam is a square and squares are meant for stacking. But Sam doesn’t want to stack he wants to roll! This story is a perfect way to open up conversations with kids about nonconformity, self-discovery, and self-confidence.


Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 1.17.30 PM16 Words: William Carlos Williams and “The Red Wheelbarrow” by Lisa Rogers and Chuck Groenink

I am so taken with Chuck Groenink’s color palette here. It’s a perfect match for Lisa Rogers’ carefully chosen and lyrical text. The text and art together make me feel as if I am actually part of the story; experiencing, noticing, and participating with Williams and Thaddeus Marshall.


  1. I got a sneak peek at Lisa Roger’s book – the cover is only the beginning of how beautiful this book is! It’s in happy company on this post with another Writers’ Lofter in Haley Barrett! Hooray for Lofters!


  2. Kim, I look forward to your “New in ’19” posts every month. You have a beautiful way of describing books that makes me want to read every one!


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