Let the Writers’ Rumpus Restart!

open6_banner1Our Writers’ Rumpus begins again! Welcome to our new interface. Try it out! We’re excited about how easy it is to navigate.

Swipe through Featured Posts. Our home page will feature our most recent posts. Maybe we’ll toss in a few oldies-but-goodies sometimes.

Click a category. You’ll see the most recent posts in that category. Click “older posts” to see more.

Click a name. You’ll see the most recent posts by that author. Click a number for more posts.

Search a keyword. Can’t think of one? Try “monster,” “plot,” or “book dummy” in the search box on the right. Searching may not seem like a big deal, but our old search box only saw titles. This one sees the content in the posts.

Click a tag. Tags are in red boxes at the bottom of a post. Click one to see see more posts with that same tag.

Check out the Resources menu. It has dropdowns for different topics—no more long scroll! Let us know about your favorite resources, we’ll add them.

Let us know what you think in the comments. We’ll be making more tweaks over the next few weeks, wherever they’re needed. Our regular Tuesday and Friday posting schedule starts up again next week. If you’re interested in writing a guest post, visiting in a blog tour, or having a book reviewed, get in touch! There’s a contact form below.

remodel_monster_2Thanks to all the Rumpus Writers who shared their thoughts, hopes, and ideas. Thanks to Sarah Lynne Reul, who drew the cute little monster that decorated our “Remodeling” page. And thanks especially to Alison Potoma, who has done all the technical heavy lifting for the past three months. Welcome back to school, Alison (she’s an art teacher). Thanks for spending so much of your summer vacation on this project.

Technical details: We’re running Tortuga, a premium WordPress theme by ThemeZee. Alison tried out dozens of themes before she found this one, which had all the features we wanted. We got great service from ThemeZee, who fixed a display issue for us literally overnight.

Image credits: Flying books: Shutterstock. Dancing monster: Sarah Lynne Reul Open sign: MorgueFile

Guest posts, blog tours, book reviews, or any other request that doesn’t make sense in the comments, here’s how to reach us.

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