ReFoReMo 2017 Presenters Revealed

On behalf of the ReFoReMo Team, we are honored to share new perspectives every March during Reading for Research Month. As we roll out the ReFoReMo carpet for our third year, we reveal our calendar of inspiring, talented publishing professionals. 


The 2017 ReFoReMo Team of Presenters

ReFoReMo will benefit writers at any level…from beginner to multi-published authors and prekindergarten through college level classrooms.  Why?  No matter the level, great gains come from reading picture books as mentor texts. As the February 15 registration date nears, we’d like to create a buzz!  Let’s kick it into gear with a sharing contest and some prizes! All you have to do is share between the dates of January 24-February 6 in order to enter the drawing.  As you know, the bigger the buzz, the more picture book writers we will inspire. Together we can transform our writing through ReFoReMo.  That’s a great thing to share!

Pick your favorite social media sites: Twitter, FB, Google +, your blog, You Tube, etc.  If you are not sure what to say, you can find information about our mission here.  Please feel free to use the Tweet examples below keeping in mind that we love originality, too!  I’ve included our Twitter handles in each Tweet so we can retweet you and show our appreciation.  Feel free to expand on these in other forums that allow more characters. 

PB writers! #ReFoReMo 2017 presenters revealed! Sign up for updates and enter #giveaway. @carriebrowntx @kirsticall

PB writers from beginner to multi-published need to read #picturebooks!  Read w #ReFoReMo! @carriebrowntx @kirsticall

Does your classroom know about #ReFoReMo 2017? Read for Research with us this March! @carriebrowntx @kirsticall

Author-educators revealed for #ReFoReMo 2017! C’mon PB #writers #authors #teachers! @carriebrowntx @kirsticall

Enter #giveaway for @kidlitcollege #webinar & @keiladawson’s book! #ReFoReMo @carriebrowntx @kirsticall

(Feel free to use any of our presenters’ twitter handles and follow them, too: 

Matthew Winner @MatthewWinner, Marcie Flinchum Atkins @MarcieFAtkins, Heidi Stemple @heidieys, Susannah Richards @sussingoutbooks, Bridget Heos @bridgetheos, Nancy Churnin @nchurnin, Wendi Silvano @WendiSilvano, Tricia Lawrence @authorblogger, Caron Levis @caronlevis, Kelly DiPucchio @kellydipucchio, Katey Howes @kateywrites, Keila Dawson @keila_dawson, Danielle Smith @the1stDaughter @LupineGrove, Vivian Kirkfield @viviankirkfield, Jessixa Bagley @jessixabagley, Yolanda Scott @yoscottbooks, Janie Reinart @smile73777, Mira Reisberg @MiraReisberg @childrensbookac, Jodell Sadler @kidlitwriting @kidlitcollege, Kirsti Call @kirsticall, Carrie Charley Brown @carriebrowntx)

You’ve got a willing, passionate team of coordinators & contributors preparing behind the scenes. We’ll be available in the Facebook group and comments during the challenge.

Your Co-Coordinators: Carrie Charley Brown and Kirsti Call

 Your Facebook group Administrators and Blog Contributors: Janie Reinart and Keila Dawson

To receive updates and registration details, be sure to follow ReFoReMo by email here: You’ll find our sign up in the right hand side bar.

Thank you for your support.  We can’t wait to share ReFoReMo with you!

Enter to win a KidLit College Webinar with Editor Emily Feinberg and The King Cake Baby by Keila Dawson:

Enter rafflecopter here!

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