Debut Author/Illustrator Support Resources

Just a couple of weeks ago, the announcement went out for my debut picture book, The Breaking News (Roaring Brook/Macmillan, Winter 2018).

My writing and illustration critique groups have been and continue to be incredibly helpful, so I was happy to learn recently of another kind of support group – Author/Illustrator Debut Groups!

These groups often have a public page that includes a brief introduction to each author and/or illustrator, as well as basic info on their upcoming books (title, description, release date, and covers when possible!). It seems that some groups have chosen to be a public platform for collective marketing and discussion, while others have chosen to remain as a private resource for authors and illustrators navigating their debut releases.  

debut banner.jpgHere’s a listing & brief description of the groups that I found:

  • On the Scene in 2016 
    • 2016 picture book debuts
    • Includes blog posts featuring debut books & authors/illustrators
  • The Sweet Sixteens 
    • 2016 MG & YA debuts
    • Detailed author profiles and
    • Two gorgeous book cover galleries that link to Goodreads reviews
    • “Author Locator” and release calendar features
  • Swanky Seventeens 
    • 2017 MG & YA debuts
    •  Features author profiles and book cover gallery with Goodreads links
  • Picture the Books 
    • 2017 picture book debuts (as mentioned in our recent post featuring Alison Goldberg!)
    • Includes profiles, book info, ongoing blog & a questionnaire for teachers, librarians & booksellers
  • EMU’s Debuts 
    • An ongoing blog for debut writers represented by the Erin Murphy Literary Agency; current & past members are featured
  • Electric Eighteens 
    • 2018 MG & YA debuts
    • Looks like the site just went up, so it doesn’t have a ton of info yet, but keep an eye out for updates!

I’ve recently joined up with a group for 2018 picture book debuts that’s just getting started, and I’ll be sure to post about it when it goes public.   

Do you know of other resources for debut authors & illustrators? If so, please share in the comments below!


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