All writers have at least one thing in common: we love books. We all have those stories that have inspired us, the authors we look up to. Many of those authors participate in events throughout the year where they interact with readers and participate on panels. One such event is coming up next month.


Boston Teen Author Fest.


BTAF is a free event in Cambridge, MA, that highlights young adult authors. This year it takes place on September 22nd at the Cambridge Library. The event runs from 9:30-5:00 and the schedule is as follows:

9:30-Doors Open

10:15-10:45-Intro Panel

11:00-11:45-Session One

12:00-12:45-Session Two

1:00-1:45-Lunch Break

2:00-2:45-Session Three

3:00-3:45-Session Four



I have been to a few different festivals, and BTAF is one of my favorite for a few reasons. First, it’s not as packed as some other events like Book Con and Y’ALL Fest. Last year I arrived before doors opened and easily found a seat up front in the auditorium for the intro panel, but everyone easily fit into the building. There was no waiting in long lines. The intro panel includes all of the authors at the festival, so if there’s one you won’t get to see during the sessions, you’ll at least have the chance at the beginning.


What I also like about BTAF is how they run their sessions. Session One is multiple panels featuring half of the authors. Session Two has panels featuring the other half. But don’t worry if there are multiple authors you really want to see and they’re in different panels, because Session Three will have all the authors from Session One and Session Four will have all the authors from Session Two.


BTAF  highlights local authors along with some bigger names. The author list for this year can be found here. One of my favorite local authors who will be there is Julie Dao. I actually met Julie at BTAF last year when she attended as fan.


The day ends with signings all at once. Though it says it goes until five, many of the authors will stay until everyone in their line has a signed book. BTAF has a mini book store featuring the books of authors (so be prepared to spend money if you hear about an amazing book in one of the panels.) What is nice about this is at other festivals, signings are scattered throughout the day, so you have to pick between standing in line and going to a panel. Here you can do both. Last year I went to every panel I wanted to go to as well as having some of my favorite authors (like Leigh Bardugo) sign my books.

BTAF is fast approaching. I hope you have a chance to attend. I unfortunately will be away for a wedding this year, but I want to hear all about it!


Like and comment if you plan to go!


  1. I’m definitely planning to attend! I went last year and a couple of years ago, and they really do have great authors and it’s so interesting to hear them speak at the panels.

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