Introducing the First Debuts from New in 19!

I’m so honored to be part of the group of debut picture book authors known as New in 19! And it’s here! 2019 is finally here and so are the first three books debuting from our group. I’m thrilled for these amazing authors and illustrators and I can’t wait for you to read their stories!


Honeysmoke, written by Monique Fields and illustrated by Yesenia Moises, is a heartfelt story about a little girl who wants to find a color of her own. Simone, a biracial child, looks to the world around her to find her place. Her skin isn’t the color of the rubber stains from the tire swing and it isn’t the color of the glue that “kisses her skin.” This story beautifully encourages all children to create an identity of their own and embrace what makes one special. Honeysmoke (Macmillan) is now available for purchase!


Noodlephant, written by Jacob Kramer and illustrated by K-Fai Steele, is the absolutely adorable story about a pasta loving elephant that stands up for what she believes in. When the bossy kangaroos in town decide that they are the only ones who can enjoy all of the delicious pasta, Noodlephant refuses to comply and eat sticks and branches. This zany story touches upon themes of justice, friendship, and finding creative solutions. Noodlephant (Enchanted Lion Books) releases on January 15th.


Hands Up!, written by Breanna J. McDaniel and illustrated by Shane W. Evans, will make you put your hands up, for sure! Hands up for a high five…hands up to pick books off the top shelf…hands up for the jump ball. This story reclaims a charged phrase with beautiful illustrations and a special note from the author and illustrator. Hands Up! (Dial) releases on January 22nd.

2019 is going to be an amazing year for picture books!

*featured image credit: Mikela Prevost


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