Falling for Wonder Boy

This past week, the companion novel for Kristine Carlson Asselin’s ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT, FALLING FOR WONDER BOY, released.

For anyone who loves sporty girls and swoon worthy crushes, these books are for you. While ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT focuses on a girl who joins a rec hockey league of all boys, FALLING FOR WONDER BOY follows a girl who signs up for the Golf Championship to help save her family’s golf course.

IMG_1660 (2)

At her launch party, Kris spoke about the inspiration behind FALLING FOR WONDER BOY and the journey it took for this book to become published. For her, this has been a thirteen year journey, starting when she submitted a short story to a golf magazine which was based on her time as a teenager who’s parents owned a golf course. In the scene, Kate Anderson is the only girl in a golf tournament, and tired of being ignored by the boy she has a crush on, she dresses up for the tournament, consequently forgetting that he is not the only boy who will notice her transformation. When that short story was published, she was motivated to write a novel based on that scene.

Kris’ original manuscript caught the eye of her agent and eventually a publisher. However, after receiving a book deal, Kris was asked if she could change the sport. Unwilling to do so, Kris wrote a second novel, ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT, which was published first.

After many ups and downs, FALLING FOR WONDER BOY is out in the world. Kris’ journey is an inspiration. I can not wait to read this book, and I hope you feel the same.

You can follow Kris at:

Instagram: @Krisasselin

Twitter: @KristineAsselin

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  1. Kris, congratulations on your continuing success! Now I’m wondering how many sports you have up your sleeve. It is incredible that an editor or agent asked you to change the sport in your book, as if it wasn’t completely integral to the plot. That is totally crazy. But you came up with the perfect solution…simply write another about the sport that person wanted. Smart move. .


  2. I loved ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT and am eager to read FALLING FOR WONDER BOY. Sorry I missed the launch party, Kris, but congratulations! Dana: thanks for sharing this news with us.


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