The Missing Piece of Charlie O’Reilly Blog Tour

“Charlie did know that. He knew a lot of things: that his dad’s promotion at the museum of natural history meant a lot of trips out of town; that the raise that came with the new job was necessary to replace some of Mom’s income; that he should be thankful they hadn’t moved out of their house in Kingsberg to be closer to New York City. Knowing all this however, didn’t make it easier. It seemed like dad was gone more than he was home these days, and the geodes, T-shirts, and sharks’ teeth that filled Charlie’s room from museums around the world did nothing to make it feel less empty.”


Wow. Rebecca K. S. Ansari’s hauntingly beautiful book is compelling and thought provoking. It’s one of the most beautiful middle grade mysteries that I’ve read. The story covers themes of friendship, loyalty, pain, guilt, shame, forgiveness, coming out, depression, grief, loss, and the power of forgiveness. While past and present intertwine with each other, this book has a dream-like quality that mesmerizes.

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Charlie O’Reilly is an only child. Which is why it makes everyone uncomfortable when he talks about his brother.

Liam. His eight-year-old kid brother, who, up until a year ago, slept in the bunk above Charlie, took pride in being as annoying as possible, and was the only person who could make Charlie laugh until it hurt.

Then came the morning when the bunk, and Liam, disappeared forever. No one even remembers him—not Charlie’s mother, who has been lost in her own troubles; and not Charlie’s father, who is gone frequently on business trips. The only person who believes Charlie is his best friend, Ana—even if she has no memory of Liam, she is as determined as Charlie is to figure out what happened to him.

The search seems hopeless—until Charlie receives a mysterious note, written in Liam’s handwriting. The note leads Charlie and Ana to make some profound discoveries about a magic they didn’t know existed, and they soon realize that if they’re going to save Liam, they may need to risk being forgotten themselves, forever.

Rebecca K.S. Ansari’s debut novel is a stunning contemporary fantasy about love, loss, and the power to forgive that we all have in side us—even if we sometimes forget it’s there.

Rebecca K.S. Ansari is a former ER doctor. The Missing Piece of Charlie O’Reilly is her first book. She lives in Minnesota with her husband, four sons, and some seriously massive pets.


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