Three July Debuts You Won’t Want to Miss

All three fabulous July debuts are available now!


Pirates Don’t Go to Kindergarten by Lisa Robinson and Eda Kaban is a whole lot of adorable from cover to cover. It’s the first day of Kindergarten but sweet Emma would much prefer to return to her preschool “pirate ship” and her old “captain,” Mrs. Chu. Packed with pirate language and illustrations that jump off the page, this story is a relatable tale for any buccaneer that might not be feeling very brave when starting a new adventure.


small world

Small World by Ishta Mercurio and Jen Corace is one of those books you’ll be happy to read over and over when your child asks you to again and again. Mercurio’s charming, lyrical text partnered with Corace’s stunning art, make this STEM-themed story about Nanda and her growing world one you won’t want to miss.



snow white

Not Quite Snow White by Ashley Franklin and Ebony Glenn makes me want to dance and sing, just like Tameika, the main character of this heartwarming story. When Tameika wants to play the princess in the upcoming production of Snow White, the other kids whisper negative comments, making her question if she could ever really play the part. The take-away message, you are enough just as you are, hugs my heart and makes me want to share this book with everyone I know.



  1. I look forward to your New in ’19 posts every month. You have a wonderful way of highlighting the heart of these books, and I’m eager to read them ALL.


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