World of Books #11: Barcelona

Why Do We Cry cover

Sunday night we returned from a two-week trip along the Pyrenees Mountains in France, Andorra, and Spain and while in Barcelona, I purchased a remarkable picture book. It is by author Fran Pintadera, who is from Gran Canaria, one of the Spanish Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, and illustrator Ana Sender from Barcelona.

¿Por Qué Lloremos? (Why Do We Cry?) uses poetic imagery in both words and art to show a deeply human interaction between a little boy and his mother.

Why Do We Cry 3

A thoughtful, quiet Mario asks his mother the question he has been pondering. Her responses form a list of reasons both open ended and deep. The illustrations show a young version of the mother, so she is sharing with Mario her own perspective and wisdom gained through living, using metaphors like the storm clouds we are when we are filled with rage and like those clouds we must unload in order to feel better, or the sea that we are who cannot avoid the tempest, but after the storm the sea makes drawings on the shore.

Why Do We Cry 2

The story does not shy away from some of the harsher reasons one would cry. Sometimes the sadness is too big for our bodies; or we don’t understand the world, so our tears help us search for answers; or because all the painful blows outside our bodies or inside need the balm of tears.

Why Do We Cry 6

Throughout, the feeling is that we all cry sometimes, for good reason, and that this is natural and helps us heal. Without the ability to cry we might turn to stone. Tears help us heal and grow and are balm for emotional wounds. Pintadera’s origins in poetry suffuse the simple text with poignant richness and Ana Sender’s visual metaphors, delicate use of warm and cool color, and inclusion of imaginary animals – perhaps pictograms of our emotions – lend this book its special beauty.

Why Do We Cry 5

Why Do We Cry 7

The final pages show the boy strongly embrace his mother, kiss her on the nose and tell her she is the best mother in the world. And then he asks why she is crying. She answers that it is because she is happy, yet another reason for tears.

On the last spread is a page of scientific analysis of tears and crying as notes for readers, including the benefits of crying. That is followed by suggestions for discussion about this emotional topic.

In Barcelona at the end of our journey my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and I waited at a fine restaurant for a special guest. Natalia, who is from Madrid, had been an exchange student for a year at our home when our daughter was in high school. Melody and Natalia had been in touch, but had not seen one another for twenty-six years. When Natalia arrived, all of us were like clouds filled too full with leaking emotion. Our gracious waiter provided tissues for all.

¿Por Qué Lloremos?
Fran Pintadera, author
Ana Sender, illustrator
Akiara Books, Barcelona
October, 2018
ISBN 978-84-17440-15-2


  1. Thanks for sharing such a lovely book in words and pictures! Sounds like you had an amazing trip with family and always good to connect with old and new friends far and wide!
    X From Stephanie an old friend across the ocean


    1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for reading this. Obviously, this book’s rich handling of its topic made an impression on me.
      I hope that where you are in Cornwall has not suffered the heat that parts of Spain and France that we visited did. We were in the mountains a lot, so the temps were cooler there. It’s great to hear from you.


  2. Kate, it’s good to hear from you. The theme of this book impressed me – so much about what it is to be human. It goes deeper than most American picture books do.
    Yes, the reunion with Natalia was golden and to have those two weeks in high mountains with Melody and Sati was also very special. I am fine and working on a history of an artist-organized outdoor sculpture exhibit that has been running for twenty years. I’ve had sculpture installations in fifteen of those years.
    I hope the crit group is doing well. I miss you and everyone. Michelle is heading for Australia for a few years. Wow.


  3. Joyce, thank you for sharing this book (important topic and looks like it’s well done) and your personal adventures. So cool that you witnessed this reunion of your daughter and her foreign exchange student friend after so many years. Lovely. Hope you’re doing well.


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