Gift Ideas for writers…no, it’s not too early.

It’s almost that time of year when we exchange gifts with the ones we love. You may be thinking it’s a wee bit early to be worrying/stressing about this but you’re wrong. In my family, I’m already behind on gift buying. For the rest of you, I’m not sure if you’ve heard but, there’s a bit of a thing going on (ahem, COVID-19) and it’s causing shipping delays and all sorts of supply issues.

So whether you are looking to buy that perfect gift for a writer friend or you need to casually leave this post on your computer screen so your loved ones will take a hint, I’ve collected a few fun writer-themed gift ideas to help you get started. Links in the labels.

Writing Words Face Mask: Masks are the newest, fashionable way to tell the world something about yourself.

Draft in Your Head Poster: Clever, funny, and inspirational.

All Write T-shirt: For Matthew McConaughey fans who also love puns!

Yoda Best Mug: Star Wars and Mandalorian fans rejoice! I have about 274 mugs in my cabinet already, but who could resist this?!

Gift Card: Find their local independent bookstore via the link and pick-up a gift card.

Book Nerd Pride Socks: Comfy, adorable, statement socks? Yes, please!

Poe Me a Glass/Cup: More puns…I can’t help it!

Laptop Desk: For when you’re sick of sitting at your desk but you still have to work.

The Emotion Thesaurus: The best tool for showing not telling.

MasterClass: You can purchase a year subscription or a single class.


  1. Kim, this is brilliant round up of gifts! I already own the Emotion Thesaurus, but might need to buy the “Yoda the best writer” mug and book nerd socks.


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