by Darby Karchut

Released November 2020 by Owl Hollow Press, Utah

Alex Nash is supposed to be living in Los Angeles with his mother, playing soccer, and attending school with his life-long friends. But tragedy changed all that.

Now he’s headed to Colorado to live with his father, Roberto Nash, a cowboy Alex hardly knows.

Alex is unceremoniously met at the airport by his father. But of much more importance to Alex is the  Arabian gelding named Rio waiting for him when he arrives at his new home.

Obviously an experienced equestrian, the author delightfully takes the reader through the stages of greeting and befriending this beautiful young horse. What isn’t quite as obvious, but equally as poignant, is the relationship building between Alex and Roberto. As overt as Karchut is about the bond forming between mount and rider, she is equally as subtle about the bond forming between father and son. But form it does until more tragedy occurs, and a decision must follow.

Told in dual point-of-view, Alex and Rio’s, this is a bit of a ‘how-to-ride’ tale. More importantly, it is a ‘how-to’ manage grief – which even a horse can sense – and managing family relationships. The story delivers a very prominent message that just because adults can’t get along with each other doesn’t mean the same is true of their children.

On A Good Horse is full of dramatic life lessons, presented in an exciting and entertaining fashion that will please the Middle-Grade audience. So grab your hat and boots and come along for a ride.

Darby Karchut’s books include:
ON A GOOD HORSE (Owl Hollow Press, Nov. 2020), DEL TORO MOON (Colorado Book Award Winner), and FINN FINNEGAN (IPPY Silver Award). And her YA debut novel, GRIFFIN RISING.

I was provided an Advanced Reader Copy of this novel by Owl Hollow Press.


  1. Marti,
    Thank you for introducing this book to us – the dual POV sounds very intriguing, especially as one of the voices is a horse!


    1. I was actually a little taken back by the POV of the horse. But she made it work. Being one who hears a lot of horses opinions, it’s nice to finally know others hear them, too.


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