It’s Time for Summer Book Club!

Full discretion- I’ve never really been part of a book club. *waits for reader to gasp*

I know, I know. An author who LOVES books but has never joined together with fellow book-lovers to read the same book and then discuss the ins and outs of its plot, characters, and setting? How can that be?! The truth is I’ve always wanted to be part of a book club but it just never really worked out. Anyone relate?

Whether you’re like me and never stepped foot into a meeting, or you’re the president of your group that meets every third Wednesday of the month, you’re invited to join the newest book club that starts on June 15- the Picture Book Look’s Summer Book Club.

Here’s how the book club works:

-Every Tuesday from June 15 – August 31 a special Summer Book Club episode of the Picture Book Look podcast will go live. (Listen on your favorite podcast app or here:

-Kirsti Call and I will list five things we think are fabulous about that week’s book pick to get the conversation going.

-Then it’s your turn! Hop on your social media channels and share what you love about the book. (We love seeing pics!) Make sure you use the hashtag #PBLSummerBookClub! That way, when people search for #PBLSummerBookClub they will see our “conversation” about that week’s book! Check out the full list of books below!

The best part about our book club? You can win prizes!! Read and share about all twelve books and you could win:

So what do you say?…want to be part of our summer book club? We promise to be more professional than this blooper real implies!

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  1. I was honored to participate in an in-person book club run by Kirsti and am eager to participate this new summer club! What a brilliant and fun idea. The opportunity to receive a PB manuscript critique from both of you is worth its weight in gold.


  2. I’ve never been part of a book club either! I don’t want to read anything I’m told to read and maybe not want to finish. Miust be those 35 years of teaching and being told when I have to do everything!


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