February Middle Grade and Young Adult Opportunities

Welcome to our MG/YA Opportunities post! In 2022, the MG/YA Opportunities post has taken on a new structure but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to find all of the monthly opportunities on the MG/YA support page! All opportunities listed are available to anyone with an internet connection.


Does your local writing organization, SCBWI region, etc. host virtual events that are available to anyone with an internet connection? Would you like them listed here?  Please share the info in the comments, or use our Contact Form.

To see all the monthly opportunities, what’s available all year long, and what’s coming up the rest of this year, visit the MG/YA SUPPORT resource page.

Hi All-

Lexi here! I am excited to be trying out a new format for our monthly MG/YA opportunities post. As Marti and I reflected on the work we did in 2021 we came to two conclusions. First, we wanted to do a better job of updating the MG/YA support page. Second, the monthly posts felt redundant to that support page. That is where my idea for restructuring the post originated! When I thought about all the opportunities we were listing, I felt overwhelmed by options and I wished we had more conversation around which resources were helping writers and why! I think any writer looking at the resources will be able to find something for them on the MG/YA support page, and sharing what we find might be a journey worth taking in 2022.

So, here is my proposal to you:

  1. Pick one resource or opportunity. Think about what you’re working on right now and pick something that will help you make progress with that work!
  2. Share your experiences with resources over the last month and what opportunities you want to pursue in the next month in the comments!

Will you join me on this journey?


In January, I applied to the Author Mentor Match! I thought about my WIP, a completed MG fantasy manuscript, and decided AMM would be an amazing opportunity to push that work forward. While filling out the application I realized how proud I am of my first completed MG manuscript! I can’t wait to hear if I was selected, but even if I wasn’t, looking across the work as a whole, and considering who to submit my application to, helped me to identify some next steps within the revision process myself!

Author Mentor Match (free)
Author Mentor Match (AMM) pairs aspiring MG and YA writers with completed manuscripts with experienced authors for mentorship. Mentee submission window open January 12 – 14, 2022. Hosted yearly by Heather Kaczynski and Alexa Donne.

What did you accomplish this month? Don’t forget to share in the comments!


I am going to participate in the Valentiny and #50PreciousWords. My goal is to have fun and writing something totally unrelated to my current WIP! Maybe I’ll find some new inspiration for a project later on down the road, and if not I’ll at least have a chance to practice my craft!

I also have my eye on the Show, Don’t Tell workshop. I’m considering it because I am in that space of revision in my first MG WIP and I’ve done some work on the macro level in terms of revising structure. Maybe this is a good next step!

Show (Don’t Tell) Revision Workshop ($)
Learn how to bring readers deeper into the world of your children’s book story by showing (not telling) in this 4-week workshop (with Zoom recordings and a private Facebook group) for picture book to YA authors led by author and developmental editor Anastasia Suen. February 2-March 2, 2022

What opportunities will you sign up for this month? Don’t forget to share in the comments!


None for me this month! What about you?

Keep an eye on some MARCH opportunities you might want to register for early:

  • WriteOnCon ($) Online conference for kidlit writers and illustrators for all levels (PB, MG, YA). March 18th-20th, 2022.


  • Line Editing Your MG or YA Novel This six-week online course offers the skills to revise and enrich your novel, and features live sessions with faculty, structured assignments, community interaction, and goal-setting.

THE LOFT ($) The LOFT LITERARY CENTER offers a variety of courses each month, but not all are specifically for kidlit writers.

The Writer’s Loft ($)

  • None listed yet! Check back for updates!


Alright! Now it’s your turn. Share your reflections on January and game plan for February below in the comments!

Does your local writing organization, SCBWI region, etc. host virtual events that are available to anyone with an internet connection? Would you like them listed here?  Please share the info in the comments, or use our Contact Form.

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  1. Hi Lexi, I’ve never done this contest before but I think I’m going to try it out:

    Open to MG and YA. From the Winged Pen: “We’ll post a contest announcement on our blog at 4PM on the FOURTH day of every month. To enter the contest, all you need to do is fill out the form that is at the bottom of the post. Exactly 24 hours later (that would be on the 5th) at 4pm (EST), one winner will be randomly drawn from the Triwizard Cup. The winner will be notified and given 24 hours to submit his or her opening 400 WORDS (MG or YA). On the FOURTEENTH of the month (at 4AM), the winner’s 400 WORDS, along with the title and genre of the work, will be posted to our blog with feedback from FOUR of our members.”

    For more details go to: https://thewingedpen.com/four-on-400/


  2. Lexi, I think you and Marti have a great idea here with the new structure and format of your monthly updates. Thank you so much for explaining the Author Mentor Match in detail here. That is an example of something I have probably scrolled through a dozen or so times, but never really processed until now. And it is such a great resource to know about!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s awesome! I haven’t explored Inked Voices, I’ll have to check it out! I am in 12×12 too! Are you participating in the book club?


  3. Hi Lexi, thank you to both you and Marti for putting this resource together. Many many thanks. I am currently taking an historical fiction writing class at the Writing Barn. It is taught by Joanna Cooke and lasts six weeks. I am learning a lot. There is no real homework, which there usually is in a six week class. But that is turning out well for me because I am busier than I thought. The winter is the best time for me to take long courses like this due to my work schedule. The mentorship sounds terrific. Congratulations on finishing your MG manuscript.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Adaela! The historical fiction class sounds intriguing! Have you been able to apply some of it to your WIP in between meetings? It’s great that your schedule is somewhat predictable and you know when you can juggle a bigger class!


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