APRIL Middle Grade and Young Adult Opportunities

Welcome to the MG/YA Opportunities post! Find all of the monthly opportunities on the MG/YA support page! All opportunities are available to anyone with an internet connection.

Does your local writing organization, SCBWI region, etc. host virtual events that are available to anyone with an internet connection? Would you like them listed here?  Please share the info in the comments, or use our Contact Form.

To view upcoming monthly and recurring opportunities, visit the MG/YA SUPPORT resource page.

Hey writers,

This month, I invite you to:

  1. Pick one resource or opportunity. Think about what you’re working on right now and pick something that will help you make progress with that work!
  2. Fill out the google form to be a featured guest in future blog posts. I promise the interview process will be simple, efficient, and fun! The only requirement is that you write MG or YA!!
  3. Share which resources you utilized in the past month in the comments. Let’s share terrific resources. The kidlit writing community consistently lifts each other up, and this blog can be another space to just that.

Will you join me on this journey?


This month, I want to attend some of the SCBWI Regional Webinars! There is a lot happening. Here are the two that seem to best match with my current writing goals:

What do you hope to accomplish this month? Let’s celebrate and support each other in the comments!


Spring Fling Writing Contest (free)
The challenge for writers, find a springtime-themed gif and write 150 words. Deadline April 3, 2023! Hosted by Ciara O’Neal and Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez. Check out Fall Writing Frenzy, too.

Children’s Novel Workshop ($)
Work with a developmental editor in a “novel overview and first chapter critique workshop” with SIX 30-minute Zoom meetings and create a skeleton draft of your children’s chapter book, middle grade novel, or young adult novel. April 1 – May 31, 2023. Led by Anastasia Suen, author (and ghostwriter) of 400+ books for children, teens, and adults.

DVmentor (free)
For book creators from marginalized and underrepresented communities, DVMentor pairs agented and/or published creators with unagented authors and illustrators for a mentorship through revision, querying, and more. Check back for info for 2023. From Diverse Voices, Inc.

DVdebut (free)
For debuting, marginalized book creators who are looking to survive their debut year. Mentors are seasoned authors who have been through it all before and are willing to guide a new author through the highs and lows of this experience with the hope of retention and expansion of our community. Check back for info for 2023. From Diverse Voices, Inc.

Four on 400 (free) A monthly contest where 1 kidlit writer receives feedback on the opening 400 words of their manuscript (MG and YA writers) April 4, 2022.

ReVISIONweek Tune-Up Day Wednesday, April 6th, 2022. (see September listing)

#WriteMentor Summer Programme (free)
UK-based program pairing professionals in children’s literature with pre-agented writers for online summer mentorship. Open to anyone who writes in English. Applications open April 12-14th, check link for info.

The Adventure Writers Competition ($) A competition for action-packed adventure novels. Receive feedback on your manuscript, be considered for publication by Braveship books, cash prize. Deadline April 30, 2023

SCBWI Regional Webinars ($) SCBWI offers webinars across the regions in the US and abroad. Follow this link to a list of the webinars being provided by the various regions.

THE LOFT ($) The LOFT LITERARY CENTER offers a variety of courses each month, but not all are specifically for kidlit writers.

  • None listed for April!

The Writer’s Loft ($)

  • None listed for April!



Keep an eye on some FUTURE opportunities you might want to register for early:

Craft Webinar: Writing Heart-Centered Middle Grade with Evan Griffith ($) In this craft webinar, learn how to infuse your middle-grade novel with heart by making it emotionally autobiographical, however fictional or fantastical the story might be. Generative writing exercises will help you recall and explore childhood joys, dreams, fears, secrets, and desires so that you can weave your own emotional truths into your story. We’ll specifically explore memories and feelings tied to that transitional age range of middle-grade readers (8-13). May 6th, 2023.

Essentials of Middle-Grade Fiction with Author Anna Staniszewski ($) In this 4-week virtual class, we’ll examine the building blocks of writing middle-grade fiction, including character, plot, and pacing, and look at the specific elements that make stories work for the 8-12 age group. May 3/10/17/ 24

Does your local writing organization, SCBWI region, etc. host virtual events that are available to anyone with an internet connection? Would you like them listed here?  Please share the info in the comments, or use our Contact Form.

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