The magic word AUTHOR!

The Raindrop Who Couldn’t Fall was released December 15th and at my book launch I felt grateful as I read my story to a throng of supportive people. After Storm Elektra ravaged the Boston area, I didn’t expect much of a showing, but people came!

All those years of reading and writing and reading some more paid off.

Now my book is on the shelves of my local bookstore,
available at Character Publishing and soon to be available on Amazon.

Although the cake was red when we went to pick it up, that mishap was quickly resolved.
My son James took some fantastic and artistic pictures.
Several writer friends showed up too!

After most people had left, I bent to pick up a stray sticker and a little girl stopped me: “I’m writing about YOU for author day at my school!”                  Sweeter words were never said to an aspiring author on the day of her transformation to author.

  Thank you to all of you who who’ve helped me along the way.
I feel privileged to know you.


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