Happy Book Birthday to ME! Let’s Meet Up!

By Josh Funk

Today, September 1st, 2015, Dr. Phil turns 65.

Today, September 1st, 2015, parents are waving goodbye to their magical British children boarding the Hogwarts Express.

But most importantly, today, September 1st, 2015, is the day that Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast is born!

Lady Pancake Cover Image_sized for post

And if you’re reading this post, I’d like to e-personally invite you to my book launch, which takes place tonight at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A., at 7pm.

The Launch Party will be preceded by a Boston Kidlit Meetup at the Tavern in the Square restaurant down the block at 5pm. I’ve previously written about how important networking has been for me in getting to this point in my writing career. I’m very fortunate to live in an area flush with writers, illustrators, editors, literary agents, and educators/teachers/librarians who have such a strong passion for children’s literature. And these social gatherings are awesome in many ways.

While working on your craft or learning to how market a book is important, making genuine personal connections with others in the industry has been hugely beneficial. I’ve learned more over sharing nachos with Nancy Werlin than I might have in an hour-long workshop (although Nancy’s revision workshop gets rave reviews).

Sometimes these groups are mind-blowing. Like the time Marika McCoola‘s editor from Candlewick brought her the first complete, unbound, full color copy of her debut graphic novel Baba Yaga’s Assistant (which just came out last month).

Sometimes these groups are inspiring. Last summer Matt Forrest left Kimball Farm and got the idea that turned into what will be his debut picture book, Flashlight Night (Boyds Mills Press, 2017).

Sometimes you’ll meet someone worth interviewing in a Writers’ Rumpus post.

Sometimes, these meetups are for illustrators (but they don’t really mind if non-illustrators come). I’ve heard of one illustrators’ group from Orangutanka illustrator Renée Kurilla that’s in downtown Boston, and another from Even Monsters … author/illustrator A.J. Smith that’s up north of Boston.

And sometimes these groups are just fun and you get to chat with like-minded, kidlit-loving people about things that have nothing to do with writing or books.

So look around and see if there’s a kidlit meetup in your area. I’ll bet there is. If there isn’t, start one and I’ll bet people will come.

And if you’re anywhere in the Cambridge/Boston/Massachusetts/New England/Northeast U.S. tonight, come to our meetup. And stay to say happy birthday to Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast!

Lady Pancake Cover_thumbnailLady Pancake & Sir French Toast
By Josh Funk, illustrated by Brendan Kearney
Sterling Children’s Books
Available today from your favorite bookstores and online retailers!


  1. Congratulations, Josh! Going to add this to my Amazon wish list right now! I am originally from the Boston area and SO wish I could join you tonight! I *just* moved to rural CT – the only folks I will be networking with are the cows! – but as a SCBWI member, I hope to be able to find some human folks to network with soon – whether it be near my home, or the Worcester area where I work. Have a wonderful time tonight, & I wish you much success with Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast!!!

    Michele Katz
    Creations By Mit

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  2. Happy book launch day! I would love to come and show my support but I live in England so I’ll have to buy a copy over here instead, and will put it to good use in my Patron of Reading sessions.

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