5 Fabulous Things about Elise Parsley’s Neck & Neck

I’ve been a huge fan of Elise Parsley for a while now. Her books are hilarious and her art is so expressive. So when I saw her latest book, Neck & Neck, on the shelf, I knew I had to have it! It was hard to narrow it down, but here are 5 Fabulous Things about this laugh-out-loud story.

  1. Voice- We all know that editors and agents are looking for manuscripts with strong voice but it isn’t always easy to describe what that means. This book is a fabulous example of a text with so much voice!
  2. Page Turns- A book with excellently placed page turns is one that begs to be read over and over. There are several well-placed page turns here that add to the enjoyment and up the read aloud factor.
  3. Leopold- A stellar main character with heart and humor, but not much humility. He will make you laugh until you cry!
  4. Wordless Spread- Perfectly timed and perfectly placed for maximum emotional effect.
  5. The Art- I simply adore Elise Parsley’s artistic style. Her colors jump off the page and her characters are so expressive. They could tell a story without any words.

    Parents: A fast-paced read that your kids will beg you to read over and over. Bonus: You will find it just as hilarious as they do!

    Teachers: Looking for a book for those reluctant readers? This. Is. It. Animals, balloons, and humor make this a story kids will eagerly pull off the shelf!

    Writers: This story is an excellent mentor text for strong voice, page turns, and a solid story arc.




  1. Kim, I love your 5 Favorite Things method of reviewing books. You had me at “a stellar character with heart and humor, but not much humility.” This book sounds fabulous!


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