The Treasure of Mad Doc Magee

mad doc mageeMad Doc Magee is the kind of middle grade adventure that you can sink your teeth into. Set in New Zealand after the gold rush, it’s filled with fast paced adventure, complex characters, and a compelling plot.

The two heroines, Jenny and Pandora are 12 year old best friends with grit, brains and practicality. Each character is unique, quirky and fun to get to know. Most adults in this story are either incompetent or stupid, creating diversions and twists and turns in the girls’ quest to find a gold nugget. I especially love how the young girls and a couple of Chinese boys are the heroes and more sensible than all the adults. The mystery in the book is plausibly solved by middle graders and only adds to the fun of the story.

Although filled with humor, this story covers the topics of diversity, discrimination, friendship, loss, grief, neglect and autism. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes adventure.

Waldon Pond press is offering a copy of the book and a skype visit for one lucky Writer’s Rumpus reader! Comment below to win, specifying what you’re interested in.  



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