My My May!

CowhideCowhide & Seek by Sheri Dillard and Jess Pauwels is an adorable farm frenzy of a tale about every child’s favorite past time. Dillard’s playful, punny text and Pauwells’ expressive illustrations make this book a winner! (May 7)



KoalaKoala is NOT a Bear by Kristin L. Gray and Rachel McAlister tells the tale of Koala’s first time at summer camp. The problem? Koala can’t figure out which cabin she belongs in. Know-it-all Kangaroo is quick to point out that it definitely isn’t in the bear cabin. This sweet and charming story is both clever and engaging, complete with a surprising and satisfying ending.(May 7)


llamaLlama Destroys the World by Jonathan Stutzman and Heather Fox…you had me at Llama…and cake! The silly story between the covers of this book will have kids laughing so hard milk might just shoot out of their noses. It’s that kind of funny! And it’s not just the outrageous tale that’s hilarious. Fox’s Llama art hits it out of the park, too! (May 7)


GirlsGirls With Guts! The Road to Breaking Barriers and Bashing Records by Debbie Gonzales and Rebecca Gibbon 

Wow! What a book! Girls With Guts showcases so many female athletes and how they continued to do what they loved, refused to let others hold them back, and fought for the right to play and compete. A must read! (May 14)

chipChip and Curly by Cathy Breisacher and Joshua Heinsz had my seven year-old both hungry and happy by the end of the story! The wordplay is delightful and the message of kindness won my heart. Three cheers for Chip and Curly!(May 15)



novaNova the Star Eater by Lindsay Leslie and John Taesoo Kim

Oh, Nova! Such chaos you create with one delicious snack…because that snack is the Sun! I won’t give away the solution to this gigantic problem for the people of Earth, but I will say that it filled me with glee. And John Taesoo Kim’s art in this books is…I’m gonna say it…out of this world. (Sorry, I had to.) (May 21)


  1. Goodness, Kim, I don’t know which book to read first! What a delightful problem to have. Thank you for continuing to introduce us to New in ’19 debuts, and congratulations on being New in ’19 yourself. As you know, I’m a huge fan of HER FEARLESS RUN.


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