Kid Crazy and the Kilowatt King Book Review


How many hundreds of times have I reminded my kids to say please?  Kid Crazy and the Kilowatt King, written by Claudio Sanchez, and illustrated by Arthur Mask, brings energy into the picture book world with vivid words and illustrations. The story chronicles a fantastical journey and the power of the word “please.”

Coheed and Cambria frontman, author Claudio Sanchez, originally wrote the words to this book as song lyrics. The New York Times bestselling comic book creator explains: “The idea for Kid Crazy actually started as a rock opera in the vein of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, but as it took shape, it began to feel like something that could appeal to a child’s imagination—a kind of fantastic journey with a lesson.”

The comic book and song lyric influences are clear as you read this imaginative story. Filled with creative and bizarre landscapes, beautiful similes and unexpected characters, this story begs to be read aloud.

Much like Kid Crazy’s journey, the rhythm of the story is bumpy in places with near rhymes like gleamed and dreams.  Yet, this doesn’t mar the charm of a boy who longs for adventure and is brave enough to tell a King that he should change his ways.

One lucky person will win a copy of this book!  Please enter this rafflecopter for a chance to win.


  1. The cover is beautiful and it definitely looks very kid-appealing. And I always find it interesting how “perfect” rhyme is always insisted upon, yet I do see exceptions regularly. Looking forward to reading this one and am certainly entering the rafflecopter and tweeting now! :D…

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