#The100DayProject redux

By Sarah Lynne Reul

Last year, I found that the #the100dayproject really helped me get in daily drawing practice (see the post about it here!), so I decided to give it another go for a hundred more #100daysofdrawingonphotos. If you’d like, you can follow along @thereul on Instagram.

I’ve noticed a few things are different this time around –

The pros –

  • I’m not as concerned this year about finishing the overall project. Last year this was a bigger worry, since I’d heard about so many people dropping off about halfway through. Since I made it through once, I feel it’s at least possible to do it again.
  • If I miss a day I’m not beating myself up about it as much.
  • I’m also not trying to play catchup, just posting one at a time if I miss, instead of trying to do a double dose which could quickly pull me under.

The cons –

  • I think since I’m less worried about it (and possibly because my schedule’s different this year), I seem to be up leaving the photo drawing for the last thing at night. I still try to take the photo during daylight hours, but it’s been less integrated into my schedule, which makes it a bit difficult to get excited about each piece.
  • In addition to trying to come up with a new drawing on a photo that I’ve taken that day, I’m trying to avoid using the same concepts from last year. It’s especially a challenge since I work from home – I’m trying to stock up on photos whenever I make excursions out of the neighborhood.

I’m definitely noticing some themes – monsters, birds, tiny houses, eyeballs on things… but as long as it feels a bit different to me, I don’t mind staying in the same ballpark.

Have you repeated any drawing or writing challenges from one year to the next? How did you find that they changed (or didn’t change!) from year to year?

Sarah Lynne Reul is an illustrator, writer and award-winning 2D animator who likes science, bright colors and figuring out how things work. Learn more at reuler.com.


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