5 Fabulous Things… Don’t Feed the coos! by Jonathan Stutzman and heather fox

  1. Perfect Page Turns: One of the most crucial elements to a story is making the reader want to turn the page and read on. It’s easier said than done. But in this book, the words and art create pagination perfection, begging the reader to keep going!

2. 2nd Person POV: Because this book is a cautionary tale for kids everywhere, the 2nd person point-of-view is the perfect choice!

3. ART! I’m absolutely in love with everything about Heather Fox’s art here! The color palette, the expressions on the child’s face throughout, and all of those coos! I mean, if it wasn’t for #4 (see below), I’d have a hard time resisting those adorable birds!

4. Coo Poos: Oh my! Utter hilarity erupts once the coos start to poo everywhere and on everything! I’m not a huge potty humor person but coo poo is just so funny to say out loud.

5. Satisfying Ending: We all know endings are so important but they are also so very, very hard to get right. Jonathan Stutzman has come up with the perfect, satisfying solution to the problem of persistent pigeons.

Parents: I’m not sure there is a kid alive that won’t find this book hilarious (ok, maybe if your child has a fear of pigeons, he/she may not be a great fit for this book…but everyone else will love it!).

Teachers: This book is a read aloud gold medal winner…that’s not really a thing, but if it was, this book would totally earn it! it also makes a great mentor text for kids to write their own version of Don’t Feed the…dinosaur, billy goat, peacock, etc.

Writers: This book is an excellent mentor text for humor, satisfying endings, pacing, and second person POV.


  1. Kim,
    I adore your 5 Fabulous Things book reviews! Like you, I don’t usually go for potty humor, but coo poo is hilarious!!


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